Tokenized Equity.

Liti Capital brings you asset-backed tokens incorporated and regulated in Switzerland

We are a ‘litigation funding’ company, financing large legal claims that favor the claimant, bringing them deserved justice and financial rewards. We’ve made it possible for individuals & institutions to invest in these claims through Liti Capital tokens and share in the high-ROI rewards while seeing justice served.
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Who we are

We Are Private Equity on the Blockchain

Through blockchain technology, Liti has tokenized digital, asset backed, equity shares of its company, one of only a handful of companies worldwide to be approved to do so.

Liti Capital SA is a fully operational Swiss private equity company ‘on the blockchain’, specializing in litigation funding. Litigation funding is an investment that consistently out-performs all others, including gold, bonds and real estate. This is a fact, beyond all reasonable doubt.
Thus, Liti Capital has made litigation funding, the highest return asset class, even better.

Litigation Funding, the Highest ROI of Any Asset Class

Since its inception, litigation funding has been sought after by hedge fund heavyweights, venture capitalists, and elite investors for its high return on investment. Now Liti Capital provides this high level of return for all investors.
High ROIs
Litigation funders are seeing on average a 50%-100% return range on their initial investments portfolio and are typically banking three to five times their original capital on winning cases.
Expanding Market
Litigation Finance is a booming multi-billion dollar global market projected to more than double in under a decade.
Not Connected to the State of the Economy
Litigation funding thrives even in bear markets because litigation assets are not correlated with the state of the economy.
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We Invest In Winnable Cases

Liti Capital invests both capital and expertise
Liti Capital buys minority positions in large civil lawsuits for a share of the winnings awarded by the courts. Liti hires the best legal counsel and pays all expenses to insure the odds are in Liti’s favor. Our Chief Investment Officer is one of the most successful in the business at picking winners and collecting awards and settlements.
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And Now You Too Can Invest In Winnable Cases Through Liti Capital.

For Individual Investors
By tokenizing its equity, Liti Capital has lowered the entry barrier to investing in litigation funding for individuals, from DEX retail traders through to those new to crypto.
For Institutional Investors
We’ve made a previous illiquid investment into a liquid investment, making litigation funding even more attractive to hedge funds, asset managers, banks, and family offices.

Which token is right for you? 

Our two tokens - $LITI and $wLITI - suit every type of investment strategy and investor profile, whether an individual or institutional. $LITI is an equity token that is a share of stock in Liti Capital SA. $wLITI is a wrapped token, for swaps and other non-KYC trades.
Liti Capital's Unique Equity Token

LITI Token

Voting Rights  & Dividends
KYC Compliance Required
Purchase on Liti Capital App
Can Wrap for Swaps

1 LITI Token = 1 Share in Liti Capital SA 

ERC20 Wrapped LITI Token

wLITI Token

No KYC, Freely Exchangeable
Available to All Investors
Listed on 5 Exchanges
Can Swap wLITI for LITI Tokens*

5,000 wLITI Tokens = 1 LITI Token 

wLITI tokens available on decentralized exchanges are not offered by Liti Capital SA. Furthermore, Liti Capital SA has no control over those platforms, notably over the price and quantities listed there. * Restrictions may apply, read the terms and conditions.
Meet our world-class team with deep expertise who are making it happen with purpose.
Our diversified case portfolio represent real assets that back the LITI & wLITI Tokens.
Learn about how we are tackling scams & fraud in the crypto space.

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