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Our diversified case portfolio plus our investment capital represent real assets that back the LITI token.

Liti Capital’s growth plan is to continuously secure additional funding in order to build a diverse case portfolio with potential high returns, using proven methods to ensure success.
invested in cases
Liti Capital's ownership  of max. case claim
An employment dispute between a CEO of a large US company in the business of developing, distributing, marketing, and selling well know consumer products in the US market and the company's owners.
Liti Capital successfully negotiated an early exit from its employment dispute case, quintupling its initial investment that was made just under a year ago
This early exit is strategic in light of Liti Capital's new portfolio strategy and an excellent first year result. Liti Capital will use the funds derived from its early exit to support the growth of the company and to zealously continue its positive track record.

The claimant was the largest shareholder of a now liquidated US manufacturing company with a $1 Billion USD sales pipeline at the time it closed its doors due to defendant stock purchase default.
Lack of payment for shares by respondent caused the claimant to default on financial commitment.

Ownership in over 100 subsidiaries and significant business with substantial assets.
In 2018 the claimant filed a case in the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC), a top-three international arbitration court. Final Arbitration decision (no appeal) is expected in 2023 or before, if there is a settlement.
Floor value of $160 Million USD is set by the claimant’s arbitration Law Firm, Gibson Dunn, in case of settlement.
Gibson Dunn is well known for its appellate litigation and securities litigation practices.
With $2.16 billion in revenue in 2020, the firm placed 12th on The American Lawyer’s 2021 Am Law 200 ranking



The respondent is Binance, a major crypto trading platform, which operates largely outside of regulation and has no headquarters
Claimants are a group of Binance users who lost millions when the Binance platform failed leaving them unable to exit their positions while crypto prices dipped.
Liti is funding the case up to $5M in exchange for a return of the investment plus 30% of the award or settlement.
The case has attracted significant press coverage.
SEC CFTC Litigation
Defendant is a multibillion multinational company
Details may be discussed separately due to security concerns

Typical life cycle of a CASE

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Case?

The length of a time it takes to complete a case is unique to each case.  A typical case goes through several phases including pre-trial, trial and/or settlement, award, enforcement and collection. 

For each case, we have a negotiated a percent of the award in exchange for funding. A rewarding benefit of being a LITI Token holder is that Liti Capital will distribute 80% of dividends from case collections to LITI token holders.  
Dividends Paid to LITI Token Holders
80% of dividends distributed will be allocated to LITI token holders in form of dividends. Liti Capital plans on paying dividends to LITI token holders once enough cases have been purchased and claims awarded. Dividends will be paid based on the dividends generated by Liti Capital. 

Featured Case

The Binance Claim
Liti Capital funds the first case of its kind in the crypto world
*In exchange for funding, Liti Capital will receive their investment plus 30% of the award or settlement.
Plaintiff: Group of Binance users who lost millions when the Binance platform failed leaving them unable to exit their positions while crypto prices dipped.
Defendant: Binance, a major crypto trading platform, which operates largely outside of regulation and has no headquarters

The Binance Case In the Media

Picking Winners

The Key to Success is How We Select Our Cases

To enhance the likelihood of success, we only integrate into our litigation asset portfolio cases that pass a thorough and multi-step evaluation process. To this end, we conduct a complete due diligence that translates into the following elements. First, we acquire key document evidence on the case and request a favorable opinion on the prospects of success from senior counsel and experts. Second, we assess the value of the claim, the ability of the opponents to pay upon an adverse judgement or arbitral award and the enforcement strategy. To set an optimal risk management policy, we further diversify the selected cases based on the geographic presence, the industry at stake and the jurisdiction of the claim. Furthermore, we base our selection on a well-balanced proportion of higher and lower risk cases to limit the damage to investors should a claim fail. We present our strategy in more detail in the following sections.
Financial & Legal Due Diligence
We conduct a thorough legal and financial due diligence process before deciding to fund or acquire a claim.
Risk Assessment
We reduce risk by balancing high risk and low risk claims as well as pursuing multiple claims at once across various jurisdictions.
We will focus on jurisdictions where enforcements of claims are straightforward and the justice system is independent from external influence.

Find out about investing in our portfolio of cases

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An Enviable Pipeline of Legal Cases

Our ability to source ‘investable’ legal case is, arguably, unrivalled by other Litigation Funding players.

And this ability is critical for our success.
We place significant attention on our portfolio construction and diversification. We subscribe to Modern Portfolio Theory, which was developed by Harry Markowitz and published in 1952, and remains one of the most important and influential economic theories dealing with finance and investment.  

In summary, the theory suggests that investors can reduce risk through diversification. 

At the time of writing, our pipeline highlights include:
Sectors include aviation, cryptocurrency, technology, gaming/gambling, with two of the cases being made against top 10 US companies
Legal areas including IP, patent infringement, Tort and contract claims, employment law, arbitration, and bribery
Potential winnable value per case ranges from $11M > $1B
11 Cases: All ‘live’, and stand-up to the Liti Screening Process
Total Winnable Value: 
+$15B USD

Our pipeline of cases provides diversification in terms of sector, area of law, and size of potential claim

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