Liti Capital SA Cements Its Track Record, With A 5 X Return On Investment

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND Sep 12, 2022 - We are pleased to announce our first successful track record from one of the four legal cases Liti Capital has invested in to date. We are delighted to have more than quintupled our initial investment within a year. 

Liti Capital fully credits its successful investment return to its accomplished and inventive executives, our effective case management strategies, and our innovative case selection process — reflective of our overarching company ethos.  

Our pipeline additionally covers legal areas that span from IP to employment law, arbitration, bribery, and patent infringement and represents a total winnable value of more than 15 billion USD. We continue to do what is in our power to promote access to justice and position ourselves as an authority within the litigation funding space. 

On behalf of the Liti Capital team, we extend a sincere thank you for standing by us and believing in the potential of our project. With three currently active cases, we look forward to many more victories to come!

Until next time, 

The Liti Capital Team

A New Liti Capital App Feature is On the Way

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND Aug 25, 2022We are delighted to announce a new feature that has been added to the Liti Capital App. Users will now have the ability to purchase LITI tokens via the pool, in which wLITI will be purchased and unwrapped, thus converting the tokens into LITI. Upon the conversion, the newly created LITI will be sent directly to the token purchaser. 

Interested parties will still be able to view the cost of buying LITI directly versus through the pool on the Liti Capital App. As we are maintaining our focus on LITI, with each purchase made via the pool wLiti tokens are effectively removed from the market. The Liti Capital App currently accepts USDC, USDT, and ETH payments.

Stay tuned for more information to come on this exciting development!.

Important Update to Investors

Geneva, 1 July 2022

Dear LITI and wLITI Holders,

Liti Capital has made the strategic decision to place our primary focus on the company’s equity token, LITI. Our wrapped token, wLITI, will therefore take a back seat.

Backed by an asset class that’s uncorrelated to external financial markets and consistently outperforms others, the LITI token is a rare and precious gem; a token that seeks to provide much needed security and comfort in these volatile times.

Our decision to pivot our focus means that LITI holders will no longer be able to wrap their tokens and convert them to wLITI after 17 July 2022 at 5:00 PM CET.

wLITI will continue to be freely tradeable, and wLITI holders will still be able to unwrap their tokens to convert them to LITI (after passing KYC).

Further, all staked wLITI will continue to stake for the applicable time period, after which the wLITI token may be unwrapped (following the holder passing KYC).

We are excited about this new direction for Liti Capital’s token offering. This is a positive decision, and the product that our company is ultimately building upon - litigation funding - remains the same.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Kind Regards,

The Liti Capital Team

Liti Capital Sponsor Justice Legends NFT Project

The concept’s union of litigation funding and NFT art effortlessly pairs with the Swiss-based company’s egalitarian ethos

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND May 17, 2022Litigation funding specialists Liti Capital, a Swiss company that has disrupted the market with its tokenized model, has today announced its sponsorship of the soon-to-launch ‘Justice Legends NFT’ project. The mint date is expected to be at the end of May 2022.

The project, which marries NFT art and legal justice, will enable buyers to champion and support access to justice initiatives when they acquire digital art depicting world-changing humanitarians, or ‘Legends of Justice’. 

Across the world, an estimated 5.1 billion people – two-thirds of the global population – are being failed by the justice system, according to a study by ‘Task Force on Justice’. It reports that 5.1 billion people have no meaningful access to justice, 1.5 billion have been left with justice problems they cannot solve, and 253 million people live in extreme conditions of injustice and are deprived of any meaningful legal protections. 

As an organization recognizing that the cost of legal support is a major barrier to accessing justice, Liti Capital has sponsored the Legends of Justice project to help raise awareness of this global issue. Indeed, according to The United Nations Rule of Justice report, “one of the major obstacles in accessing justice is the cost of legal advice and representation. Legal aid programmes are a central component of strategies to enhance access to justice.”

The Legends of Justice project has also entered into a sponsorship agreement with TRIAL International, a non-governmental organization battling impunity and strengthening victims on an international level, that will receive 5% of Justice Legends NFT sales. This will allow them to continue their meaningful work via providing legal assistance to individuals in need, litigating cases, and promoting the human rights agenda. 

Four of the 10 legends who will be depicted in the Legends of Justice NFT project have already been announced: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Henry Dunant, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The remaining six will be revealed in the lead up to the mint date.

All NFT holders will be granted access to an exclusive Discord channel with exclusive giveaways, put into a raffle for cash giveaways, and given opportunities to vote in Liti Capital’s Scambusters program.

Scambusters, an initiative established by Liti Capital to support the crypto market in its fight against scams and fraud, utilizes legal experts and intelligence operatives in over 140 countries to defend the crypto community. Liti Capital commits 5% or more of its annual investment budget to financing pro bono cases that have affected its community members.

10% of the Justice Legends NFT sales will bolster the Scambusters program. Liti Capital community members are encouraged to vote on a selection of crypto-fraud cases every quarter, with the winning case receiving complimentary ligation services from the company. Each Justice Legends NFT will equate to 50,000 votes. 

Depending on the tier level that will be randomly allocated, it will also allow holders to participate in a high-ROI alternative asset class, thanks to $wLITI tokens.  The $wLITI tokens have been donated by a substantial holder, who supports the project’s mission of raising awareness of access to justice.

$wLITI tokens are freely exchangeable and listed on five exchanges. They open the door to the litigation funding market for non-accredited and retail investors for the first time in its history, whilst at the same time making the asset class even more appealing to traditional investors through liquidity. 

The amount, if any, of token donations that holders receive will be dependent on the tier level they are randomly allocated. 1050 Justice Legend NFTs will be released, representing 10 celebrated and historic humanitarians, and will come with “legendary” utility perks. 

For example, one lucky Pink Gandhi NFT holder will receive rewards that include USD 20,000 $wLITI over three months, and a cash giveaway.

Liti Capital CEO Andy Christen shares his excitement for the sponsorship: “Everyone at Liti Capital is greatly anticipating the Justice Legends NFT launch and the opportunities it will create for both investors and those provided with legal aid as a direct result of this project. We are fully committed to advancing access to justice wherever possible.”

The Justice Legends NFT launch date will be announced shortly. Official launch details will be shared on the project's website ( and its official Twitter ( 

Official Declaration of Liti Capital SA regarding $wLITIDAO

4 February 2022, Geneva, Switzerland: It has come to the attention of Liti Capital that a $wLiti holder is about to launch $wLITIDAO with the aim to distribute dividends to non-KYC token holders.

Liti Capital is issuing this formal announcement to inform and warn its $wLITI token holders that it is in no way connected with nor supports $wLITIDAO. $wLitiDAO in no way represents or acts with any authority with regard to Liti Capital.

Liti Capital shall incur no liability for any $wLiti holder who participates in the $wLitiDAO, and reserves all of its rights and remedies to the furthest extent of the law.

Liti Capital would like to take this opportunity to stress some of the key factors it has in place to provide assurance and protection to its current and future token holders:

  1. $LITI token holders benefit from the same level of protection as traditional shareholders under Swiss law and as such have access to legal mechanisms to conduct their claims.

Liti Capital recommends that its users use the traditional channels, and to pass KYC in order to be compliant with national regulations.

Anyone wishing to get exposure to Liti Capital can buy tokens through the following methods:

- $LITI token: through the app on its official website (

- $wLITI token: through Uniswap or via one of the following exchanges: HitBTC, P2PB2B, Changelly, and


For further information, please contact:

Liti Capital Partners Announces Participation at Global Family Office Summit This Month

Liti Capital is proud to announce their participation at the upcoming Global Family Office Summit in the Metaverse on December 21st

GENEVA, December 14th, 2021 - Swiss-based litigation funding ‘on the blockchain’ provider Liti Capital SA is proud to announce their participation at the Global Family Office Summit on December 21. 

The quarterly event connects traditional family offices with private equity firms, global regulators, and unicorn disruptors via the Metaverse in Decentraland’s Crypto Convention Centre. 

“Liti Capital is reinventing private equity investing through its equity tokens. The Global Family Office Summit will raise awareness for our mission to give more people the opportunity to invest in the highly lucrative asset class of litigation finance. As well as removing the barriers and opening litigation funding investing to everyone and anyone, we have also made the asset even more attractive to its traditional’ investor audience, not least by making a previously illiquid asset into a liquid asset,” said Andy Christen, co-founder and Chief Vision and Operations Officer at Liti Capital.

“We are thrilled to have our European partners join us in the Metaverse and discuss disruptive technologies of the future. GDA Capital has made a strategic contribution into Liti Capital earlier this year to boost user adoption and assist with our proprietary research into the latest innovations in litigation finance and new markets expansion. Now we hope to deepen our collaboration and exchange ideas at the Global Family Office Summit,” said Michael Gord, co-founder at GDA Capital. 

The first Global Family Office Summit was in October of 2020, when the first private wealth gathering of its kind was launched in the Metaverse and streamed in Decentraland. After the initial success, it was followed by the Wealth Management Summit, the NFT Summit, the Europe Disruptive Investment Summit, and the Asia Disruptive Investment Summit

The Global Family Office Summit features an impressive list of digital asset projects, exchanges, and other key groups including including GDA Capital, the capital markets arm of GDA Group, Secure Digital Markets (SDM), MEX Digital, Metaverse Group, RARE, Everscale (Formerly FreeTON), RENOVI  and now Liti Capital

About GDA Capital 

GDA Capital is a global organization that provides vertically integrated financial technology services to institutional investors and companies. It is the trusted advisor that bridges the gap between institutional capital markets and disruptive technologies.

About Liti Capital

Liti Capital is bringing the litigation asset class to everyone through Blockchain technology with LITI tokens, an equity token that is a share of stock in Liti Capital SA. The launch of LITI and wLITI tokens allows any investor to engage in the high-performing litigation finance market previously only available to elite investors. For more information, visit

About Global Family Office Summit 

The Global Family Office Summit is the first gathering of private wealth that is accessible by zoom with a virtual conference also taking place at the Crypto Convention Centre in Decentraland. Hear from some of the leading alternative investment managers from around the world, regulators, traditional wealth managers and disruptive companies pushing the boundaries of technology. The Summit explores the impact of the major paradigm shifts such as pervasiveness of technology, rise of ESG/impact investing, intergenerational wealth transfer and on the various strategies used by families around the world to preserve and grow their wealth.

Disclaimer: This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. Tokens and virtual currencies, in general, are not legal tender, in any country, and are not backed by any government as legal tender, nor should they be treated as such.

Media Contact:

Robert Penington

Add ‘Private Equity’ To Your Shopping List This Black Friday!

Liti Capital to offer an exclusive 26% bonus on all $wLITI and $LITI token purchases that are made on the year’s busiest shopping day 

Monday 22 November 2021, Geneva, Switzerland. This Black Friday (26 November 2021), Liti Capital has taken things to the next level with a one-day-only offer on sales of its $LITI and $wLITI tokens.

For the first time in history, the category of ‘Private Equity’ is joining mainstream retailers by offering an exclusive deal on what has become the most famous ‘special offer shopping day’ of the year, Black Friday. 

To celebrate Black Friday, the 26th day of November 2021, Liti Capital is offering a 26% bonus on all purchases - no matter how big or small the quantity - of its $LITI and $wLITI tokens. (Note to editors: For more information on the attributes of and differences between $LITI and $wLITI, please refer to the boilerplate below).

Liti Capital is a Swiss-based company that enables everyone, everywhere to invest in Private Equity. Liti Capital funds large legal claims that favour the claimant, bringing them deserved justice and financial rewards. Financing legal claims is known as ‘Litigation Funding’, and is an extremely lucrative type of Private Equity. 

Now, thanks to Liti Capital, Litigation Funding is an asset class that is accessible as an investment for everyone, everywhere. Through its two tokens, $LITI (an ‘equity’ backed token that requires KYC and offers dividends and voting rights) and $wLITI (a tradable and non-KYC reliant token), Liti Capital has made it possible for individuals and institutions to invest in the entire portfolio of the legal claims it is funding, and to share in the high-ROI rewards. 

Summary of Liti Capital’s Black Friday Offer:

Comments Andy Christen, Co-founder, Chief Vision & Operations  Officer at Liti Capital:

“Liti Capital’s Black Friday deal aims to create awareness around one of the most appealing, secure and yet undervalued financial products in the crypto space. Our tokens are backed by real assets that are crisis resistant and will produce high-returns on investments, in both bull and bear markets. By purchasing $LITI or $wLITI, you get an exposure to the crypto hype, while greatly minimizing the risk associated with purely speculative instruments.  

“Litigation finance is seldom known to the traditional finance world and we consider it to be the private equity industry’s best kept secret! Liti Capital brings this complex but deeply innovative business model into the equally disruptive world of blockchain, which enables hyper access to one of the most profitable asset classes. We are extremely thrilled to be offering everyone, everywhere with a different yet extremely appealing offer this Black Friday. This event marks the perfect time to get involved with Liti Capital!”


Notes to Editors:

For further information, please contact our press department on +44 (0)7943774236 or by emailing

About Liti Capital:

Liti Capital SA is a Swiss Corporation, specializing in Litigation Finance, and FinTech. Liti Capital raises funds to buy litigation assets and fund lawsuits and then helps the plaintiffs to win their cases. Liti Capital is bringing the litigation asset class to everyone through Blockchain technology with LITI tokens, an equity token that is a share of stock in Liti Capital SA. The launch of LITI and wLITI tokens allows any investor to engage in the high-performing litigation finance market previously only available to elite investors. 

The Liti Capital website | Join the Liti Capital Telegram Community  | Join the Liti Capital Telegram Announcement Channel | Connect with Liti Capital on LinkedIn | Follow Liti Capital on Twitter | Follow Liti Capital on Medium

Background notes on Black Friday:

Did you know that the term ‘Black Friday’ was first associated with a financial crisis, not sales shopping?

In the Wall Street crash of 1929, when the New York Stock Exchange lost 6.3% of its value in a single day, it became known as Black Friday.

Fast forward 98 years to 2021, and Black Friday is now ‘celebrated’ globally on the Friday that follows Thanksgiving Day as the famous sales weekend, where a significant amount of shoppers head to high street stores and online brands to find outstanding deals. 

More information on Liti Capital’s $LITI and $wLITI tokens:   

Our two tokens - $LITI and $wLITI - suit every type of investment strategy and investor profile, whether an individual or institutional. 

$LITI is an equity token that is a share of stock in Liti Capital SA. 

$wLITI is a wrapped token, for swaps and other non-KYC trades.

How to buy $wLITI and $LITI tokens:

To buy $wLITI tokens, please follow the instructions here.

To buy $LITI Tokens, please follow the instructions here.

Guide & instructions for the ‘Black Friday 26’ offer:

Binance Claim group sees thousands of more claimants register in the last week alone

GENEVA, 8 Nov. (For immediate release) - Liti Capital SA, a Swiss blockchain-based litigation funding provider, says the Binance Claim group has received more than 1,000 claims against Binance in the last week alone, following the Binance outages of May 19. The case is poised to become the largest international consumer arbitration case in history.

"To date, more than 2,300 have registered on, and the number is increasing significantly daily," said Liti Capital's Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, David Kay, who sits on the Binance Claim Steering Committee. 

"Last week we saw more than 1,000 claimants, potentially making this the largest international consumer arbitration in history and a landmark case for the crypto industry," added Kay, whose Swiss firm has pledged at least US$5 million to pay for the claimant's legal fees.

On behalf of the Binance Claim Steering Committee, a letter has recently been sent to Binance requesting that it compensate the increasing number of claimants who lost hundreds of millions of dollars due to system failure on 19 May 2021. If Binance, whose daily trading volume is upwards of US$45 billion, refuses to settle with the claimants, the case will be presented before the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, the letter warns.

White & Case, LLP, the number one ranked arbitration law firm globally, has taken on the case representing those individuals affected by Binance systems failures, including on 19 May. CNBC reported that Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, “has experienced several outages over the years in times of heightened volatility” and David Kay underpinned these facts with an explosive and exclusive interview with the leading US news network.

On 19 May, Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two largest cryptos by market capitalization, posted the most significant drops since March 2020, with the whole cryptocurrency market losing approximately US$1 trillion in value. That same day, thousands of Binance users could not exit their positions and stop their losses due to the critical system failure.

In Binance’s very own words, they have warranted that “our policy has been to protect our users so where they experienced actual trading losses due to our system issues, we will offer compensation.”

“Binance’s best option would be to settle and become an industry leader by taking the necessary steps to protect its nearly 14 million registered users worldwide,” commented Kay. “That would give Binance the fantastic opportunity to set an example that the rest of the industry should follow.”

Because of its decentralized nature, the Cayman Island and US-registered crypto trading platform has a corporate structure that is scattered across the globe, making access to legal recourse practically impossible for users who suffer losses due to the platform’s failures. Liti Capital’s funding of the Binance Claim seeks to remedy the claimants’ inability to obtain justice.

About Liti Capital

Liti Capital SA is a Swiss Corporation, specializing in Litigation Finance, and FinTech. Liti Capital raises funds to buy litigation assets and fund lawsuits and then helps the plaintiffs to win their cases. Liti Capital is bringing the litigation asset class to everyone through Blockchain technology with LITI tokens, an equity token that is a share of stock in Liti Capital SA. The launch of LITI and wLITI tokens allows any investor to engage in the high-performing litigation finance market previously only available to elite investors.

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Liti Capital Launches Scambusters to tackle Crypto Fraud

The litigation funding provider is offering a 250,000 wLITI token reward for new crypto scam cases  

Geneva, Switzerland - 23 September 2021: Liti Capital SA, the Swiss-based litigation funding provider disrupting private equity investing with blockchain technology, is launching ScamBusters, a revolutionary new tool that allows users to vote for which crypto-focused cases the company should pursue next.  

Fraud within cryptocurrency and blockchain is rife. This year will be a record for investment fraud: 14,079 investment scams were reported to the FTC in the first quarter of 2021, and victims lost $215 million in this quarter alone. Liti Capital is bringing its expertise in picking, funding and winning court cases and inviting consumers to vote on which scams it should pursue in court next. 

“The idea that scammers can freely operate in the crypto sphere without facing the consequences of their actions must end to bring trust and change the perception blockchain and crypto projects have in our society”, says Andy Christen, CVO/COO at Liti Capital.  

Liti Capital commits to allocate between 5% and 10% of its yearly investment budget to finance cases that have affected its community members. Any LITI or wLITI token holder can report a purported fraud to the company.

ScamBusters is a community voting event to select crypto scam cases going to be sued by Liti Capital. LITI and wLITI token holders can use their tokens without spending them to vote for the case(s) they think have the most merit. The more tokens they have the more voting power they can exercise. Voters of the winning case will share an award up to 250,000 wLITI, distributed pro-rata to their votes. 

Once members of the community have submitted cases on the ScamBusters website, Liti Capital instructs its team of legal experts based in 140 countries across the world to explore details of the case. 

A selection of cases are then presented back to community members, with the case collecting the highest number of votes being added to Liti Capital’s portfolio. Community voting begins on Sept 23, 2021, with the winning case announced on October 15, 2021. 

“If cryptocurrency is going to become the defacto way people take part in the Web3 world, trust, regulation and a robust legal system are all parts of that puzzle,” says Jonas Rey, CEO at Liti Capital. 

$wLITI Lists on Changelly PRO, on the Heels of HitBTC and Listings

Liti Capital’s wLITI token, a wrapped version of the Swiss company’s LITI equity token, lists today on Changelly PRO, 30 August 3 PM UTC. $wLITI pairs with BTC and USDT are now available for trading.

This comes less than a week after listing on Exchange and less than two weeks on HitBTC. The Changelly PRO team has expressed their warm welcome to the litigation financing token.

“We are happy to welcome $wLITI to our big family of carefully curated cryptocurrencies and hope that our users will gain maximum benefits from this collaboration. We are proud to partner with a company that provides financial resources, strategic solutions and renowned connections to the best law firms worldwide to help plaintiffs obtain court awards for damages or losses they have suffered,” says a Changelly PRO spokesperson.

Liti Capital, a Swiss-based blockchain private equity fund specializing in raising capital for legal cases, is making waves in traditional investing by bringing litigation financing to the masses, an investment practice traditionally monopolized by hedge fund heavyweights and elite investors.

Litigation financing is the practice of bringing in investors to cover the cost of a lawsuit or arbitration in exchange for a portion of the profit. Litigation financing specialists, such as Liti Capital, purchase litigation assets for cases they deem to have a high chance of winning.

“We appreciate the amazing support that established exchanges such as Changelly PRO have shown for our $wLITI token. With high profile projects in the blockchain and decentralized finance spaces finally attracting mainstream interest, we are excited to explore the possibilities for $wLITI as a wrapped version of an equity token that offers regular people the chance to invest in an asset class that previously wasn’t available to them,” says Liti Capital CEO Jonas Rey.

$wLITI: an ERC-20 Wrapped Version of Equity Token $LITI

wLITI is an ERC-20 wrapped version of the LITI equity token. Launched on June 29, 2021, the wLITI token is suitable for trading on centralized exchanges (CEXes) like Changelly PRO, and also on DEXes, whereas the LITI token is only available through after meeting KYC requirements.

Liti Capital uses the blockchain to manage its share registry. Development of its own blockchain-based case management tools is on its roadmap.

wLITI can be exchanged for LITI at a token buyer’s request via Liti Capital’s app or website, which converts LITI to wLITI at a 1:5000 ratio and vice versa. The tokens will always maintain this ratio. The buyer is then able to trade their wLITI freely. Liti Capital does not directly sell wLITI.

LITI is a true digital share of Liti Capital that has voting rights, pays dividends and is protected under Swiss law. LITI is purposely not designed to be on exchanges at this time.

Both tokens represent Liti Capital, whose mantra is “Private Equity for All.” Liti Capital works exclusively in a single form of private equity – Litigation Finance, also called third party funding. This asset class has remained almost entirely exclusive to hedge funds and venture capitalists since its inception several decades ago. Litigation Finance is the practice of financing all or part of a legal case on behalf of a plaintiff for an agreed upon percentage of the court award.

Once Liti Capital purchases a portion of ownership of a case, it provides capital that can be used in many ways: legal fees, case management and strategy, expert witnesses, intelligence work and whatever else is needed to give the plaintiff the best chance of winning the case and collecting the award. The portion owned by Liti Capital becomes a “litigation asset” that backs the LITI token.

On 19 August 2021, Liti Capital announced that it was funding a claim against Binance, which would enable affected individuals to pursue compensation in relation to the exchange failing on 19 May 2021. This failure resulted in the trading accounts (including Futures, Margin, and Leveraged Token products) of at least 700 and potentially thousands of individuals being effectively untradeable for hours, causing traders to suffer losses that could exceed one hundred million dollars.

Listing Details

Trading Opening: Aug. 30, 2021

Trading Pairs: wLITI/BTC; wLITI/USDT

About Liti Capital
Switzerland-based Liti Capital is a Swiss limited liability company specializing in litigation finance and fintech. Liti Capital buys litigation assets to fund lawsuits and provides a complete strategic solution along with connections to top law firms to help clients win their cases. Tokenized shares of the company lower the barrier of entry for retail investors and give token holders a vote in the company’s decision-making process. Dividends are distributed to LITI token holders upon the success of the plaintiff. Jonas Rey, co-founder of Liti Capital, also heads Athena Intelligence, one of the most successful intelligence agencies in Switzerland. His two co-founders, Andy Christen and Jaime Delgado, bring operational, innovation and technical skills to round out the leadership team.

Liti Capital recently onboarded seasoned industry leader David Kay as chief information officer and executive chairman. Boasting more than a decade of experience as funding partner and portfolio manager of a billion-dollar private equity fund in the litigation financing space, Kay successfully enforced what was at the time the largest international arbitration award in history, bringing in over $1 billion in cash and securities.

About Changelly
Changelly provides an ecosystem of products and services that enables customers to have a one-stop-shop experience when engaging with crypto.

Operating since 2015, Changelly acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users, offering access to 200+ cryptocurrencies that can be effortlessly swapped within 10 minutes on desktop and on the go via the Changelly mobile app.

In 2020, Changelly branched out to accommodate the needs of traders. Changelly PRO has been built as a platform focused on the customer’s needs, effectively enabling retail buying and selling of digital tokens and coins. Piggy-backing on the great support system found within Changelly, Changelly PRO will provide the community with high limits, effective pricing, fast execution and 24/7 live support.

Learn more about Changelly:
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