David Kay Interview with Coach K

Liti Capital Scam Hunters - a token that you can expect to make you profits

David Kay, Liti Capital's Chief Investment Officer is interviewed by Coach K where David explains why you should invest in Liti Capital, Private Equity, Equity Tokens and more.

Watch this video on Coach K's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yobVR9mMPtw

Liti Capital hunts scammer and is helping me with my personal case. Today we're getting an update and will look into the business and token side of Liti. Why would one ivest in it? What is an equity token compared to an utility token? I think equity tokens will be big in the future so check it out!

0:00 - Why did I invest in Liti? What is an equity token?

1:17 - Update on my scammer

3:00 - What is Liti doing

5:00 - How litigation finance works

10:45 - Private equity for everybody

12:04 - Equity vs. utility tokens

18:33 - How private equity is only available to the rich

21:00 - Equity tokens: spot trends, get in early, be patient, profit