Liti Capital Launches Staking Rewards

wLITI holders can earn up to 9% APY without the need to lock up your tokens

Liti Capital’s goal has, since its inception, been to bring the tools and services typically reserved for the world’s wealthiest people and make them available to everyone. We’re very pleased to announce the next step in that mission: staking. 

For the first time, wLITI token holders will be able to stake their tokens and receive wLITI in return. We’ve made the system super simple to allow any of our token holders to benefit from supporting our mission. 

All wLITI token holders need to do is head over to the Liti Capital app, connect the wallet where their tokens are currently held, pick the staking option and choose which time frame is best for them. After that, simply hit “stake now” and you’ll be able to earn wLITI passively.

At launch there will be three options: 

While we’ve provided three options for how long users can stake their tokens for, there are no lockups, meaning users can un-stake their wLITI whenever they need to. 

If a user decides they want to un-stake their tokens, instead of losing all the rewards, the system calculates how much interest the user has collected and issues the relevant amount back to the token holder. 

On top of that, we’ve created functionality that allows users to create separate stakes that vest over different times. So a user could stake some tokens for 30 days and then create a separate stake for 60 days. 

Once the time period has come to the end, token holders can simply re-stake using any of the three options available and begin earning again. 

This is just the beginning of our journey with staking rewards, and we’re excited to share more features for our community in the coming months. 

Ready to start staking? Head to our app to begin earning wLITI!  

$15,000 WLITI Trading Competition

To celebrate the listing of wLITI on Exchange, apply to win a piece of a $15,000 prize pool!

The top X Traders with the highest trading volume will be sharing the prize pool. The competition starts on August 31st at 0:01 UTC and runs until September 12th at 23:59 UTC.

You can join by simply going to our competition page, clicking the apply now button, and registering for it. Your trading volume will then automatically be tallied.

Prizes will be awarded in the following manner:

1. $1,950 wLITI

2. $1,000 wLITI

3. $950 wLITI

4. $850 wLITI

5. $750 wLITI

6. $700 wLITI

7. $600 wLITI

8. $550 wLITI

9. $500 wLITI

10. $450 wLITI

11. $400 wLITI

12. $350 wLITI

13. $300 wLITI

14. - 24. $250 wLITI

25. - 30. $200 wLITI

31. - 32. $150 wLITI

33. - 42. $100 wLITI

43. - 50. $50 wLITI

Terms and conditions apply.

About wLITI and LITI Capital

wLITI is the wrapped version of Liti Capitals equity token: LITI. Liti Capital is a Swiss Fintech company that provides an all-in-one platform for litigation finance. Through litigation, finance plaintiffs who lack financial resources to make their claims can gain access to financing. At the same time, the platform enables investors to earn returns independent of the macroeconomic climate.

Terms and conditions apply.

  1. “Trading Volume” is defined as the sum of a trader’s total buys and sells (excluding wash trades) of wLITI/USDT trading pairs on Exchange. We calculate Trading Volume in the following way: Trading Volume = Sum (executed buys of wLITI/USDT pair ) + Sum (executed sells of wLITI/USDT pair).
  2. Winning traders will be notified by email and rewards will be deposited to their Exchange wLITI wallets within 3 weeks after the end of the promotion period.
  3. The trading competition runs for days from Friday, August 27th at 00:01 UTC until Friday, September 10th, 23:59 UTC.
  4. Participation in the $15,000 wLITI Trading Competition is limited to one trader account per legal or natural person. Persons found to have competed with more than one trader account will be disqualified from the competition.
  5. Please note in the event of disqualification of any participants due to a breach of the terms and conditions of the trading competition, the leaderboard ranking might not be adjusted.
  6. Exchange will use the ad hoc average daily closing prices of the wLITI/USDT trading pair during the competition period as the wLITI/USDT exchange rate for wLITI distribution. For an explanation of the calculation of the ad-hoc average daily closing rate, refer to this article.
  7. The $15000 wLITI Trading Competition is hosted by FMFW Ltd (the “ Exchange”) and the terms and conditions of this competition form part of the User Agreement. The Exchange reserves the right to cancel it or amend its terms or conditions unilaterally without prior notification. All existing terms and conditions on the Exchange website are applicable to this wLITIst Trading Competition.
  8. By participating you confirm the following: “I accept that performing wash trades and using multiple accounts during one trading competition will lead to my being excluded from the competition. Exchanges´s decision is final and binding”.

wLITI is now listed on CoinMarketCap

We are thrilled to announce that Liti Capital’s wLITI token is now listed on Coin Market Cap!

VIEW wLITI on CoinMarketCap Here:

CoinMarketCap(CMC) is the biggest and most trustworthy index website in the blockchain industry. It is the world’s most-referenced price-tracking website and the go-to resource for real-time cryptocurrency updates and pricing.

Since launching wLITI on Uniswap on June 29, 2021, we are proud and humbled that wLITI has repeatedly been listed as a top pair on Dextools. Being listed on CoinMarketCap is an exciting new milestone for us as our token continues to gain volume and our community expands.

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wLITI Post Launch Update - Liti Capital Thanks You For an Amazing Launch!

We are excited to report that Liti Capital’s wLITI launch on June 29 was very successful. Thank you to our entire Liti Capital community for believing in our project and being an integral part of our launch day success. The Telegram community had some of the most positive, most helpful, informed, and intelligent conversations of any pre-launch group. Those good vibes kept everyone focused and confident and even got us trending on Dextools!

Here are some of the important token metrics that got us trending as one of the best recent launches:

Here are some of the key social media metrics that helped us over the edge:

Thank you to our community members and investors who were integral in our launch success. We aren’t slowing down anytime soon and are committed to making private equity available to everyone!

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