Private equity, reinvented. 

By adopting blockchain technology, Liti Capital has made the best asset class even better. We rest our case.

The asset class we’re talking about here is litigation funding, the investment that consistently out-performs all others, including gold, bonds and real estate. This is a fact, beyond all reasonable doubt.

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Watch David Kay's Interview on CNBC Regarding the 'Binance Case'
David Kay joins The Exchange to discuss his company’s role in litigation against Binance, a crypto currency exchange. Liti seeks damages from Binance and more crypto regulation from governments.

Never Heard of Litigation Finance?

Neither Have Most Investors - It's Private Equity's Best Kept Secret

Since its inception, litigation finance has been sought after by hedge fund heavyweights, highly liquid litigation funding firms, venture capitalists, and elite investors for its high return on investment. 
High ROIs
Litigation funders are seeing on average a 50%-100% return range on their initial investments portfolio and are typically banking three to five times their original capital on winning cases.
Expanding Market
Litigation Finance is a booming multi-billion dollar global market projected to more than double in under a decade.
Not Connected to State of The Economy
Litigation funding thrives even in bear markets because litigation assets are not correlated with the state of the economy.
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The LITI & wLITI Tokens

A Game Changer for Litigation Funding

Liti Capital Makes Litigation Finance Available to Everyone

Liti Capital is bringing the litigation asset class to everyone through Blockchain technology with LITI tokens, an equity token that is a share of stock in Liti Capital SA. The launch of LITI and wLITI tokens allows any investor to engage in the high-performing litigation finance market previously only available to elite investors.
Before Liti Capital
Traditional Litigation Funding
Only High Net Worth Investors and Institutions
Investment Usually $100,000 USD and Up
Illiquid Investment, Money Locked Up
Outsized Return Potential Return
With Liti Capital
Blockchain Crowdfunding
Anyone Can Invest
Minimal Investment
Liquid Investment, Sell Tokens Anytime
The Exact Same Outsized Potential Return
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liti capital offers justice to plaintiffs that need help

Liti Capital Offers Justice to Plaintiffs That Need Help

The Best Lawyers, Capital, Strategy, Case Management, Liti Capital Is All In

Defendants don’t like to lose. They outspend, out-lawyer, play dirty wherever they can and drag out cases to bleed plaintiff funds dry. A plaintiff needs more than capital to reach judgment, and more importantly enforce collection. They need strategic guidance to take down corrupt defendants. They need Liti Capital!

Different from traditional Private Equity Funds, Liti Capital crowdfunds using the LITI token to raise capital to buy asset ownership in legal cases they believe they can win and collect judgements on.
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