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Liti Capital Partners Announces Participation at Global Family Office Summit This Month

Posted on December 14, 2021
Written By  Liti Capital

Liti Capital is proud to announce their participation at the upcoming Global Family Office Summit in the Metaverse on December 21st

GENEVA, December 14th, 2021 - Swiss-based litigation funding ‘on the blockchain’ provider Liti Capital SA is proud to announce their participation at the Global Family Office Summit on December 21. 

The quarterly event connects traditional family offices with private equity firms, global regulators, and unicorn disruptors via the Metaverse in Decentraland’s Crypto Convention Centre. 

“Liti Capital is reinventing private equity investing through its equity tokens. The Global Family Office Summit will raise awareness for our mission to give more people the opportunity to invest in the highly lucrative asset class of litigation finance. As well as removing the barriers and opening litigation funding investing to everyone and anyone, we have also made the asset even more attractive to its traditional’ investor audience, not least by making a previously illiquid asset into a liquid asset,” said Andy Christen, co-founder and Chief Vision and Operations Officer at Liti Capital.

“We are thrilled to have our European partners join us in the Metaverse and discuss disruptive technologies of the future. GDA Capital has made a strategic contribution into Liti Capital earlier this year to boost user adoption and assist with our proprietary research into the latest innovations in litigation finance and new markets expansion. Now we hope to deepen our collaboration and exchange ideas at the Global Family Office Summit,” said Michael Gord, co-founder at GDA Capital. 

The first Global Family Office Summit was in October of 2020, when the first private wealth gathering of its kind was launched in the Metaverse and streamed in Decentraland. After the initial success, it was followed by the Wealth Management Summit, the NFT Summit, the Europe Disruptive Investment Summit, and the Asia Disruptive Investment Summit

The Global Family Office Summit features an impressive list of digital asset projects, exchanges, and other key groups including including GDA Capital, the capital markets arm of GDA Group, Secure Digital Markets (SDM), MEX Digital, Metaverse Group, RARE, Everscale (Formerly FreeTON), RENOVI  and now Liti Capital

About GDA Capital 

GDA Capital is a global organization that provides vertically integrated financial technology services to institutional investors and companies. It is the trusted advisor that bridges the gap between institutional capital markets and disruptive technologies.

About Liti Capital

Liti Capital is bringing the litigation asset class to everyone through Blockchain technology with LITI tokens, an equity token that is a share of stock in Liti Capital SA. The launch of LITI and wLITI tokens allows any investor to engage in the high-performing litigation finance market previously only available to elite investors. For more information, visit

About Global Family Office Summit 

The Global Family Office Summit is the first gathering of private wealth that is accessible by zoom with a virtual conference also taking place at the Crypto Convention Centre in Decentraland. Hear from some of the leading alternative investment managers from around the world, regulators, traditional wealth managers and disruptive companies pushing the boundaries of technology. The Summit explores the impact of the major paradigm shifts such as pervasiveness of technology, rise of ESG/impact investing, intergenerational wealth transfer and on the various strategies used by families around the world to preserve and grow their wealth.

Disclaimer: This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. Tokens and virtual currencies, in general, are not legal tender, in any country, and are not backed by any government as legal tender, nor should they be treated as such.

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