The LITI Token - private equity’s best kept secret.

LITI ($LITI) is an 'asset token'. It represents a share of stock in Liti Capital SA, so we refer to it as an ‘equity token’.

Litigation Funding is countercyclical to the capital market, making it an ideal holding for diversification and safeguarding against economic decline.

What is Tokenization?

Tokenization is radically transforming the way we invest in assets, encouraging the creation of a more inclusive financial system.

Thanks to blockchain technology, it’s possible to tokenize almost everything, from real estate to precious metals and even works of art.

In the blockchain ecosystem, tokens are assets that allow information and value to be transferred, stored, and verified in an efficient and secure manner.

These crypto tokens can take many forms, and can be programmed with unique characteristics that expand their use cases.

Security tokens, utility tokens, and cryptocurrencies have massive implications for a wide array of sectors in terms of increasing liquidity, improving transaction efficiency, and enhancing transparency and provability to assets

We have tokenized equity. Through LITI, investors enjoy equity in Liti Capital, a Swiss company specializing in Litigation Funding.

“Instead of “security token”, the Swiss regulator FINMA uses the term "asset token”. Such tokens represent assets like debt or equity claims on the issuer, and promise…Tokens which enable physical assets to be traded on the DLT/Blockchain also fall under this category. A token that qualifies as an asset token is classified as a security under Swiss financial law.” - EY

Tokenized equity through LITI

LITI is an asset-backed token, which both crypto enthusiasts and traditional investors can trust due to our stellar team, sound business model, and Swiss legal protection.
10 facts you should know about the LITI token…

LITI is representative of a share in Liti Capital.

LITI is suitable for both retail and institutional investors.

LITI provides a unique value proposition; an investment in a high ROI asset class that aims to introduce liquidity to the Litigation Funding market for the first time, whilst providing exposure to the crypto market.

Litigation Funding, LITI’s underlying asset class, unlocks the value of legal claims by providing capital to plaintiffs before their cases are resolved.

Liti Capital has a portfolio of deserving legal cases that LITI holders invest in via Liti Capital. Risk is therefore reduced, as investments cover a range of cases as opposed to a single acquisition.

Unlike most asset classes, Litigation Funding is uncorrelated to market volatility, crisis, and interest rates (bonds, real estate).

To increase the chances of successful outcomes, we only take on litigation assets that pass through a detailed multi-step legal and financial evaluation. An AI tool will soon be implemented for case selection, and our partner Athena Intelligence provides invaluable insights and a competitive advantage.

Liti Capital is similar to an evergreen fund, in the sense that it can acquire more assets as it grows and there is not a set timeframe for investment or limit on its scope.

You can also obtain LITI tokens by unwrapping our ERC20 token, wLITI (subject to passing our KYC).

 We are constantly developing new products based on investor demand and market opportunity. For example, we are finalizing two new products:

  • The LITI Debt Token - collateralized against company assets, enabling the purchaser to become a creditor of Liti Capital.
  • Litigation finance investments - structured as loans to law firms, with a high guaranteed IRR.

LITI in a Nutshell

Liti Capital's Unique Equity Token

LITI Token

Voting Rights  & Dividends
KYC Compliance Required
Purchase on Liti Capital App

1 LITI Token = 1 Share in Liti Capital SA 

Liti Capital Dividends

80% of dividends from legal case wins will be distributed will be allocated to LITI token holders in the form of dividends.

The Liti Capital Business Model

Hypothetical case scenario

  • Liti Capital’s financial commitment: $7M
  • Liti Capital’s ownership of case: 30%
  • Case value (amount awarded): $100M
  • Positive outcome: Yes
  • Award collection: $100M
Please note: Dividends are subject to a 35% withholding tax in Switzerland. Individual shareholders will be able to adjust that once they file their taxes in their respective jurisdiction. Shareholders are advised to gain separate advice on their tax position.

Award distribution

  • $100M award collection is distributed as follows:
  • Liti Capital receives $7M (payback of initial financial commitment)
  • Client (claimant) receives $63M (70% of the total award amount, minus Liti Capital’s payback of initial financial commitment)
  • Liti Capital receives $30M (30% of the $100M)
  • Liti Capital shareholders (LITI token holders) receive $24M (80% of the $30M)
ERC20 Wrapped LITI Token

The wLITI Token

5,000 wLITI Tokens = 1 LITI Token 

5,000 wLITI Tokens = 1 LITI Token
No KYC necessary
Buy wLITI through Uniswap
wLITI doesn’t provide holder with dividend payouts and other benefits provided by LITI, our equity token

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