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The multi-billion global Litigation Funding market is expected to double in size by 2027. Up until now this growing market has only been available to elite investors. Now all investors can participate in this growing market through Liti Capital. 

What Is Litigation Funding?

Litigation Funding is a form of Private Equity and is the practice where a third party unrelated to the lawsuit provides capital to a claimant involved in litigation in return for a portion of any financial recovery from the lawsuit.
Litigation Funding is attractive because it provides a valuable means to access justice for litigants who may not have the financial resources available.
Litigation Funding unlocks the value of legal claims by providing capital to plaintiffs before their cases are resolved.
This type of financing has existed for more than 20 years and is increasingly becoming a mainstream funding solution that helps equalize access to the legal system.
Unlike asset classes that are linked to interest rates (bonds, real estate and stock),Litigation Funding is also immune from rising interest rates. Traditional debt is typically tied to the Federal Reserve’s benchmark interest rates and the cost of borrowing money could rise at any time. By comparison, the terms of a Litigation Funding deal are set by the strength of the case being funded.

Litigation Funding allows lawsuits to be decided on their merits, and not based on which party has deeper pockets or stronger appetite for protracted litigation.



Litigation Funding: market size and potential

Multi-billion dollar global Litigation Funding market is growing rapidly.
The Litigation Funding market in the US alone is expected to reach $22 billion USD by 2027, up from $10 billion USD in 2018
COVID-19 pandemic may sharply increase the demand for Litigation Funding
Financial Times
Financial market uncertainties and uncorrelated nature of Litigation Funding means more capital is expected for the industry
Litigation Funding market expected to double by 2027
Absolute Markets Insights

U.S. ligitation Funding companies now manage more than $2 billion in assets. Up nearly one-third since 2020

Westfleet Advisors

Why Invest In Litigation Funding?

Expanding Market
Litigation Funding a booming multi-billion dollar global market projected to more than double in under a decade.
Levels The Playing Field
Provides legal access regardless of their socioeconomic status, helping worthy cases reach court decisions and receive appropriate damages.
Impressive ROIs
The returns on investments are impressive, performing on average at a range between 50%-100%.
Not Impacted by Economic State
Litigation funding thrives even in bear markets because litigation assets are not correlated with the state of the economy. 
Portfolio Diversification
It’s an alternative asset market separate from the capital market, making it an attractive choice for portfolio diversification.
Now, Any Investor Can Participate
While it has been monopolized by hedge funds, venture capitalists, and elite financiers since its early stages, Liti Capital now makesLitigation Funding available to all investors.

Litigation Funding Outperforms Other Asset Classes

Litigation Funding Returning Highest ROI

Source: Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg

Litigation Funding - More Attractive Than Gold & Bitcoin

Invest in Litigation Funding

You too can Invest in Justice.

We have made it possible for individuals and institutions to invest in our entire portfolio of funded legal cases.

Through Traditional Methods:

We provide traditional investment options, including equity, debt, ISIN, and via a soon-to-launch fund structure in Liechtenstein.

Through Digital Methods:

Through our LITI equity token, token holders can receive dividends, offering an easy route to sharing in high-ROI rewards.

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An Enviable Pipeline of Legal Cases

Our ability to source ‘investable’ legal case is, arguably, unrivalled by other Litigation Funding players.

And this ability is critical for our success.
We place significant attention on our portfolio construction and diversification. We subscribe to Modern Portfolio Theory, which was developed by Harry Markowitz and published in 1952, and remains one of the most important and influential economic theories dealing with finance and investment.  

In summary, the theory suggests that investors can reduce risk through diversification. 

At the time of writing, our pipeline highlights include:
Sectors include aviation, cryptocurrency, technology, gaming/gambling, with two of the cases being made against top 10 US companies
Legal areas including IP, patent infringement, Tort and contract claims, employment law, arbitration, and bribery
Potential winnable value per case ranges from $11M > $1B
11 Cases: All ‘live’, and stand-up to the Liti Screening Process
Total Winnable Value: 
+$15B USD

Our pipeline of cases provides diversification in terms of sector, area of law, and size of potential claim

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