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Liti Capital Sponsor Justice Legends NFT Project

May 17, 2022
The concept’s union of litigation funding and NFT art effortlessly pairs with the Swiss-based company’s egalitarian ethos GENEVA, SWITZERLAND May 17, 2022— Litigation funding specialists Liti Capital, a Swiss company that has disrupted the market with its tokenized model, has today announced its sponsorship of the soon-to-launch ‘Justice Legends NFT’ project. The mint date is expected […]
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Liti Capital’s long-awaited new staking program is now live on the Polygon network!

March 1, 2022
Geneva, Switzerland, 1 March 2022;  Liti Capital SA, the blockchain-powered Litigation Finance specialist that has brought this highly lucrative asset class to retail investors through tokenized equity, has today announced that it has integrated with Polygon.   Polygon, a secondary scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain, is now a major player in some of the hottest […]

Official Declaration of Liti Capital SA regarding $wLITIDAO

February 4, 2022
4 February 2022, Geneva, Switzerland: It has come to the attention of Liti Capital that a $wLiti holder is about to launch $wLITIDAO with the aim to distribute dividends to non-KYC token holders. Liti Capital is issuing this formal announcement to inform and warn its $wLITI token holders that it is in no way connected […]
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Liti Capital Partners Announces Participation at Global Family Office Summit This Month

December 14, 2021
Liti Capital is proud to announce their new partnership with GDA Capital and future participation in the virtual summit for family offices and institutional investors.

Newsletter: Dec 13, 2021

December 13, 2021
Letter and updates about Binance, recent mediaand more from Liti Capital's CEO & Founder, Jonas Rey.

Newsletter: Nov 30, 2021

November 30, 2021
Letter and updates about Binance, recent mediaand more from Liti Capital's CEO & Founder, Jonas Rey.
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Add ‘Private Equity’ To Your Shopping List This Black Friday!

November 22, 2021
Liti Capital to offer an exclusive 26% bonus on all $wLITI and $LITI token purchases that are made on the year’s busiest shopping day.

Newsletter: Nov 8, 2021

November 8, 2021
Letter and updates about Binance, recent mediaand more from Liti Capital's CEO & Founder, Jonas Rey.
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Binance Claim group sees thousands of more claimants register in the last week alone

November 8, 2021
Binance Claim group has received more than 1,000 claims against Binance in the last week alone, following the Binance outages of May 19. The case is poised to become the largest international consumer arbitration case in history.
Crypto Scams

Scammers Beware: Liti Capital’s Scambusters campaign ends today

October 14, 2021
12 crypto scam cases have been put to a vote in Liti Capital's successful Scambusters campaign. After 20 days of campaigning, the case with the most votes will be announced!

Liti Capital Launches Scambusters to tackle Crypto Fraud

September 23, 2021
Liti Capital is launching ScamBusters, a revolutionary new tool that allows users to vote for which crypto-focused cases the company should pursue next.  

Liti Capital Launches Staking Rewards

September 8, 2021
For the first time, wLITI token holders will be able to stake their tokens and receive wLITI in return. wLITI holders can earn up to 9% APY without the need to lock up your tokens.
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$wLITI Lists on Changelly PRO, on the Heels of HitBTC and Listings

August 30, 2021
Liti Capital’s wLITI token, a wrapped version of the Swiss company’s LITI equity token, lists today on Changelly PRO, 30 August 3 PM UTC. $wLITI pairs with BTC and USDT are now available for trading.

$15,000 WLITI Trading Competition

August 30, 2021
To celebrate the listing of wLITI on Exchange, they are running a trading competition with a $15,000 prize pool! Competition ends on Sept 12th.
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Liti Capital’s Wrapped LITI (wLITI) lists on Exchange

August 24, 2021
Geneva, Switzerland, August 24, 2021 - Liti Capital’s wLITI token, a wrapped version of the Swiss company’s LITI equity token, has been listed on the Exchange on  24 August at 10:00AM UTC. wLITI is trading with BTC and USDT pairs. Liti Capital, a Swiss-based blockchain private equity fund specializing in raising capital for legal […]
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Liti Capital to Fund Action Against Binance

August 19, 2021
A group of 700+ claimants work with litigation finance provider Liti Capital to seek hundreds of millions of dollars in damages against the world’s biggest crypto exchange in what will be the first case of its kind.
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Liti Capital Token wLITI Lists on HitBTC, Bringing Litigation Financing to the Masses

August 17, 2021
Liti Capital has listed its wLITI token for the first time on a centralized exchange (CEX) - HitBTC.
Litigation Funding

The Key Benefits of Litigation Financing

July 27, 2021
When a strong and deserving legal claim is financed through litigation funding and goes on to achieve a successful outcome in recovery or settlement, it’s truly not an understatement to say that everyone involved wins big. 
Litigation Funding

What is Litigation Finance and Why is it Important to Decentralize?

July 20, 2021
Litigation Finance, a market expected to double by 2027, is on the move to the mainstream. Liti Capital is offering you a means of throwing your hat in the ring before it starts getting crowded.
Crypto Scams

Crypto Scam Prevention - Part 2

July 17, 2021
So what can you do to make sure you don’t fall into a crypto scam trap? Follow a couple of simple steps to protect yourself.
Crypto Scams

Crypto Scam Prevention - Part 1

July 15, 2021
Liti Capital is dedicated to taking down scammers while upholding the principles of diffusion of power and transparency of corporate entities by which the blockchain was built.
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Liti Capital Announces New $5 Million USD Investment to Acquire New Assets

July 8, 2021
Liti Capital Has Raised Another $5M From a Private Investor to Help Purchase More Litigation Assets and Expand Operations to Increase Market Cap and ROI for Investors

wLITI is now listed on CoinMarketCap

July 6, 2021
We are thrilled to announce that Liti Capital’s wLITI token is now listed on Coin Market Cap!

wLITI Post Launch Update - Liti Capital Thanks You For an Amazing Launch!

July 1, 2021
We are excited to report that Liti Capital’s wLITI launch on June 29 was very successful. Thank you to our entire Liti Capital community for believing in our project and being an integral part of our launch day success.

Airdrop Winners Announced!

June 29, 2021
A big thank you to all who participated in our first Liti Capital Airdrop! We received over 3,000 eligible entries.

Liti Capital is giving away up to 5K of USDT and 5k of wLITI

June 26, 2021
Liti Capital is giving away up to 5K of USDT and 5k of wLITI!
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Liti Capital Announces Identifying Information of Their First Crypto Con Artist

June 25, 2021
Liti Capital Recently Fulfilled Its Promise to Identify and Pursue Cases of Cryptocurrency Fraud After Cracking the Case of a Defrauded Influencer and Exposing the Thief
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Liti Capital Announces Dual Token Launch to Fight Crypto Criminals

June 22, 2021
Liti Capital SA, a Swiss Litigation Finance company, is launching their dual token at 11:59 PM EST, on June 24th, 2021. LITI tokens will become available on the Liti Capital website and wLITI on Uniswap.

How Blockchain is Shaping the Future of Finance

June 20, 2021
With the emergence of Bitcoin and Altcoins into the mainstream during the last bull market, the concept of blockchain has often been confused with cryptocurrencies.

Jonas Rey Speaks at DeFi Summit

June 17, 2021
Liti Capital's co-founder Jonas Rey, speaking with Michael Huynh, about Tokenizing Private Equity, at the DeFi Summit.
Litigation Funding

Why the 1% Flocks to Litigation Finance

June 15, 2021
Since its inception, litigation finance has been cornered by hedge fund heavyweights, highly illiquid litigation funding firms, venture capitalists, and elite investors.
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Liti Capital Announces Tokenized Private Equity for Litigation Finance

June 14, 2021
Liti Capital Puts Litigation Finance in the Hands of the Retail Investor Using Tokenized Shares, a Decentralization Tool That Will Enable Fundraising and Participation in Important Legal Battles.

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