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Liti Capital: Where Litigation Finance Meets the Blockchain

We are a fully operational Swiss private equity company 
'on the blockchain', specializing in litigation finance 

How We Started

Liti Capital SA was founded in June of 2020 after the idea came to co-founder Jonas Rey. Jonas, who also heads Athena Intelligence— one of the most sought-after Swiss intelligence firms known for identifying recoverable assets— recognized a unique opportunity to merge blockchain technology with litigation finance. Along with the crucial aid of fellow founders Andy Christen and Jaime Delgado, who bring with them a wealth of knowledge in blockchain engineering, operational and technical skills, and a proven track record in the innovative fintech startup sphere, Liti Capital was born.

While searching for a litigation finance expert to lead Liti Capital’s investment sector, Jonas approached internationally-recognized litigation financier and case management strategist David Kay for a recommendation. After more than a decade of running a billion-dollar private equity litigation finance firm, Jonas reached out to David at the right time, as he was ready to sink his teeth into an exciting new project. David immediately took to Liti Capital’s concept of bridging litigation finance and tokenized equity, viewing it as a “marriage between two worlds.” In May 2021, David accepted the position and is now the Chief Investment Officer & Executive Director of Liti Capital SA.
“We wanted to find a way to get everyone involved but how the financial markets are structured all but prevents that. The blockchain finally gave us the answer we were looking for.
Jonas Rey, Co-Founder 

A dual-vision:
Access to justice & access to private equity investments.

We believe in access to justice for everyone.

We make this happen.

The biggest barrier to seeking & getting legal support is the cost. Through litigation funding, this issue is solved. We put up the money to cover costs to get deserving claims to get justice & rewards.

We believe in access to investing in private equity for everyone. 

We make this possible.

Private equity in the highly lucrative asset class of litigation funding has delivered huge rewards to ‘traditional’ and institutional investors. Now, thanks to blockchain technology and our $LITI and $wLITI tokens, we have opened this asset class to everyone.
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Meet the Team

Jonas Rey

Partner & Co-Founder


Andy Christen

Partner & Co-Founder
Chief Executive Officer

Jaime Delgado

Partner & Co-Founder
Chief Technology and Operations Officer

Amanda Grudinskas

Chief Legal and Investigations Officer

Advisory Board

Thomas Ladner
Counsel at Meyerlustenberger Lachenal
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Zeina Wakim
International lawyer, war crime investigator
Yu Xiong
Chair of Business Analytics, Associate Dean International, Director of Surrey Centre for Innovation and Commercialization(SCIC) at the University of Surrey
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2020 Q2 - Q4

- Founded Liti Capital, a Swiss Limited Liability Co
- Developed Liti Business Plan and Smart-Contract
- Built Liti Capital Blockchain Platform
- Developed Alpha AI tool for case selection
- Secured Seed Capital

2021 Q1 - Q2

- Brought on David Kay as Chief Investment Officer
- Audit of the Smart Contract by CertiK completed
- Over 12 million USD raised in cash and litigation assets from 15+ private investors
- Ownership participation in 3 cases valued at $200mm>
- Further intellectual property created on blockchain and AI algorithms

2021 Q3 - Q4

- Raised $20M USD in cash to date
- Expanded Case Portfolio to 4 cases with $250M+ USD value
- New KYC automated system updated in the Liti Capital App
- Token listed on 5 exchanges
- Liti Capital funds BinanceClaim, and receives applications from in excess of 1000 claimants
- LITI token mapped on Polygon (a layer two blockchain solution
- Launched staking program
- First ‘Scambusters’ voting competition runs, with winning case receiving free litigation and 250,000 wLITI tokens distributed ‘pro rata’ among winning case’s voters
- Attracted over 5,000 wallet holders
- Completed alpha testing for AI tool for case selection process


Q1 & Q2 2022 

- List on a top 20 exchange
- Add 2 New Cases
- Create pipeline of 10 to 15 additional cases
- Attend World Economic Forum's Blockchain Fringe Events in Davos, Switzerland
- Launch Liti Capital's Educational Program to Help Crypto Newbies
- Attract Additional $30M USD Investment
- Attract additional 5,000 unique LITI Token holders 
- Launch real-time 'crypto scams' tracking tool 
- Launch The Crypto Watchdog, an expansion to Scambusters aimed at helping the crypto community 
- Hold 2nd Scambusters Community Vote
- Launch an application that has real-world use in Web 3.0
- Launch fund for attractive investing by institutional investors
- Attract additional 20,000 unique wLITI Token holders 
- Grow team to 15 employees 
- Ensure daily volume of at least 150K USD across decentralized exchanges 
- Decide whether an extraordinary dividend will be distributed to LITI token holders 
- Conduct first general assembly where LITI token holders will be asked to exercise their right to vote 

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