Our Story

We are a Swiss private equity company, specializing in Litigation Funding. We invite investors - both retail and institutional - to join us through traditional and tokenized investment methods

Litigation Funding has historically exceptionally high returns. We have taken this asset class to another level in offering an option to retail consumers to enter the market, and an option for quicker liquidity to the industry’s normal six years. 

Key facts

"We wanted to find a way to get everyone involved but how the financial markets are structured all but prevents that. The blockchain finally gave us the answer we were looking for. Now, we can cater for investments of all kinds - both traditional and tokenized.”
Andy Christen, CEO, Liti Capital 

A dual-vision:
Access to justice & access to private equity investments.

We believe in access to justice for everyone.

We make this happen.

The biggest barrier to seeking & getting legal support is the cost. Through litigation funding, this issue is solved. We put up the money to cover costs to get deserving claims to get justice & rewards.

We believe that private equity investments should be available to more people. 

We make this possible.

Private equity in the highly lucrative asset class of Litigation Funding has delivered huge rewards to traditional and institutional investors. 

Now, thanks to blockchain technology and our LITI equity token, we have opened this asset class up to the masses. 

In addition, we have ‘traditional’ Litigation Funding investment options available should the tokenized equity route not fit an investor’s specifications.
Learn more about LITI, our equity token
The management team has a collective experience of more than 100 years covering all domains of expertise required to continue making Liti Capital a success story.



Partner & Co-Founder



Partner & Co-Founder



Partner & Co-Founder



Partner & Co-Founder

Plus an in-house team of marketeers, technologists, financial/investment, and legal experts.
From Geneva to London, Hong Kong to South America and the USA.

Our Roadmap for Q3 & Q4 2022

Q3 & Q4 2022

- Add five new legal cases to the portfolio
- Continue, as planned, with current four cases in the portfolio
Fundraising & Investor Relations:
-  Attract Additional $30M USD Investment
- Launch Liechtenstein fund for attractive investing by institutional investors
- Launch on Taurus
- Introduce an ISIN to uniquely identify LITI as a security
- Launch The Liti Debt Token
- Decide whether an extraordinary dividend will be distributed to LITI token holders
- Conduct first general assembly where LITI token holders will be asked to exercise their right to vote
Product development:
- Launch v2 of The LITI App
- Launch The Crypto Watchdog, an extension to Scambusters aimed at helping the crypto community
- Hold second Scambusters Community Vote
- Launch v2 of Liti Capital’s proprietary AI case management selector 
-  Launch the Liti Calculator for potential investors to determine hypothetical returns
- Grow team to 20 employees

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