A Game Changer for Litigation Funding

Our LITI equity token is unique. It’s a share of stock in Liti Capital SA that gives you the right to receive case winnings and vote on company matters. With LITI, you truly own what you invest into.


Yes please.

We know how to pick our cases and collect the winnings. In the end, most of the awards don’t go to us. 80% of our profit goes to you, in the form of dividends.

Receive Dividends from case awards.

Have a say in the Future of Liti Capital.

Enjoy the Protection of Swiss regulation.

Wrap LITI to wLITI and trade Freely.

Protection done the Swiss way 

The $LITI token is an actual share of our company, not a derivative or a collateral-backed token. Once you perform KYC, your shareholder rights are directly guaranteed and protected by Swiss law.

No KYC? 

No problem. 

Our equity tokens suit every type of strategy and investor profile. If you just want to trade with no strings attached, you can.

Swap your LITI for wLITI

Trade freely across Ethereum and Polygon

Stake your tokens for 9% APY

Swap back to LITI for dividends

wLITI is listed on

wLITI tokens available on decentralized exchanges are not offered by Liti Capital SA. Furthermore, Liti Capital SA has no control over those platforms, notably over the price and quantities listed there. * Restrictions may apply, read the terms and conditions.

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