Why Invest in Liti Capital?

Liti Capital allows any investor to participate in private equity  

Litigation Funding Meets the Blockchain

LitiCapital merges Traditional Financial Markets with Equity Crypto-Tokens to Create Next Generation Fintech
Liti Capital offers litigation funding services that operate on the blockchain. Our activity consists in financing or acquiring legal claims, one of the most appealing asset classes because they can produce high returns on investment even during economic crises.
We offer anyone the opportunity to become an investor through our LITI and wLITI tokens, leveling the playing field for al

LitiCapital makes Private Equity Litigation Finance liquid!

Liquid means accessible, as in you get your money from a Liti Token at any time by simply selling it. Private Equity can have outsized returns but your money is locked up and unavailable until the underlying asset is some and the fund makes a distribution.

LitiTokens offers possible outsized returns that are a liquid investment, the best of both worlds!

How We Started

Liti Capital SA was formed in June, 2020. The idea was born from Jonas Rey, who also heads Athena Intelligence, one of the most successful intelligence-gathering firms in Switzerland and one of the world’s most sought-after agencies in identifying recoverable assets. His two co-founders, Andy Christen and Jaime Delgado played a crucial role in shaping and implementing the vision of the project, as they bring a proven knowledge of blockchain engineering, a track record in the innovation fintech startup industry as well as operational and technical skills to round out the internal leadership team.

David Kay, an internationally recognized litigation financier and case management strategist, had a professional connection to Jonas Rey and Athena Intelligence. Jonas had been in search of a litigation finance expert to head the Investment side of Liti Capital and approached David for a recommendation. After more than decade running a billion dollar private equity litigation finance firm, David was looking for something special as his next project. David viewed Liti Capital as a “marriage between two worlds”, bridging traditional litigation finance with tokenized equity and all that it entails. In May 2021 David accepted the position of Chief Investment Officer & Executive Director of Liti Capital SA.

Our Vision

Liti Capital aims to be one of the largest Litigation Finance companies in the world, cherry picking the best, most winnable and recoverable cases.
Liti Capital offers justice to their plaintiffs and opportunity for LITI token investors.
LITI tokens will give Liti Capital exposure and capital, bringing modern blockchain finance to a traditional business space previously only occupied by elite investment companies.


2020 Q2 - Q4

- Founded Liti Capital, a Swiss Limited Liability Co
- Developed Liti Business Plan and Smart-Contract
- Built Liti Capital Blockchain Platform
- Developed Alpha AI tool for case selection

2021 Q1 - Q2

- Brought on David Kay as Chief Investment Officer
- Audit of the Smart Contract by CertiK completed
- Over 12 million USD raised in cash and litigation assets
- Ownership participation in 3 cases valued at $200mm>
- Further intellectual property created on blockchain and AI algorithms


2021 Q3 - Q4

- Further development of Liti activities in the DeFi space
- Application to list the wLITI on centralized exchanges
- Complete Beta AI tool for case selection process
- Diversify with acquisition of $50mm> of additional cases
- Add at least 10,000 unique wLITI token holders
- Reach 1mm> people with Liti message of “private equity for all”s

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Whether you are a new, qualified or institutional investor, our onboarding procedure is a seamless, quick and user-friendly experience, even if you have never heard about blockchain and tokenization before.
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