ERC20 Wrapped LITI Token

The wLITI Token

5,000 wLITI Tokens = 1 LITI Token 

5,000 wLITI Tokens = 1 LITI Token
No KYC necessary
Buy wLITI through Uniswap
wLITI doesn’t provide holder with dividend payouts and other benefits provided by LITI, our equity token
wLITI tokens available on decentralized exchanges are not offered by Liti Capital SA. Furthermore, Liti Capital SA has no control over those platforms, notably over the price and quantities listed there. * Restrictions may apply, read the terms and conditions.

Want to unwrap your wLITI tokens? 

Swap your wLITI to LITI tokens here, and enjoy the benefits our equity token has to offer.


Want to buy wLITI? 

See below for instructions on how to buy wLITI 

How to Buy wLITI

1. Set-up a Wallet

If you don't already have a wallet you will need to set one up to start trading cryptocurrencies and buy wLITI. The wallet connects you to the exchange and walks you through most of the required steps. MetaMask is very popular, secure, and easy to use. Visit, download the extension, write down your secret phrase in a safe place, and you’re ready to get started in just a few minutes. 

For these instructions we will demonstrate with a Metamask wallet but you can use other wallets as well.

1.1. Add ETH to Your Wallet 

To make a swap on the Ethereum network, you need to pay for the transaction with ETH. If there is no ETH in your wallet, you cannot make a swap. Therefore, the simplest coin to buy to swap for your coin is ETH, because you will need it to make the swap happen. 

To use Metamask, click the fox icon in the list of browser extensions. You can expand the window by clicking the three vertical dots and clicking “expand view”. You should see the picture displayed below. You will have zero ETH and have the option to buy some by pressing “Buy” and following the simple directions. 

2. Go to 

Currently wLITI is only available on Uniswap but more exchanges will be available in the future. Head to and click “Use Uniswap” in the top right-hand corner.


3. Connect Your Wallet 

Choose a wallet, for instance MetaMask. If you aren’t already logged in, the MetaMask window will pop up in the top right corner - enter your password to login to the wallet. Once logged in, click “Next” and then “Continue”. Your wallet should now be connected. Uniswap has access to the coins in your wallet. When you swap one coin for another, Uniswap takes the coins you want to give and puts the coins you want to receive into your wallet.

4. Swap ETH for wLITI 

The first drop-down arrow represents the coin you want to GIVE. Enter a number of tokens that you want to GIVE, and the amount you want to RECEIVE will update automatically.

The second drop-down arrow represents the coin you want to RECEIVE. Click “select a token” and search for wLITI.

Remember that every transaction on Uniswap requires ETH (ethereum). That means you must have ETH in your wallet before you attempt to make a swap.

Click “Swap” and then “Confirm Swap” to make the transaction. 

In the top right corner, Metamask will ask you to confirm or reject. Click confirm if you are sure you inputted the correct numbers.

A preview window of the transaction will appear and you will need to confirm the transaction on your ERC-20 wallet.

Wait for the transaction to be added to the Ethereum blockchain. You can check its progress by copying and pasting the transaction ID into The transaction ID will be available in your wallet by finding the transaction in your sent transaction history.

5. Add Token to Your MetaMask Wallet 

In order to see the coin in your Metamask wallet, you will need to click on the extension icon, scroll to the bottom, and click “Add Token”. Click the “Custom Token” tab and then input the contract address for the wLITI token 
which you can get from etherscan.

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